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Port Lincoln Mikkira Station Wild Koala Safari Tour

Join the excitement of a Koala Safari at Mikkira Station, South Australia, with a pro wildlife photographer. Capture the magic of wild koalas at dawn, turning every click into a dynamic adventure. It's more than a tour; it's a thrilling blend of nature and photography!

Close Encounter Wild Koalas in Port Lincoln, South Australia

The wild koala, an embodiment of Aussie charm, captivates with fuzzy ears and a penchant for tree-hugging. In Australia's eucalyptus havens, their slow, deliberate movements and endearing nose twitches delight observers, leaving behind a trail of smiles. These marsupials add a touch of magic to the treetops, making every leafy embrace a heartwarming encounter in the Australian wilderness.


About Mikkira Station

Discover the allure of Mikkira Station on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia—a historic sheep station famed for its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. Encounter free-roaming koalas amidst eucalyptus trees in a coastal setting with breathtaking views. Steeped in agricultural history, Mikkira Station is a must-visit for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature and wildlife on the Eyre Peninsula.


An Epic Safari with A Professional Wildlife Photographer

Join Tour South's thrilling photography adventure capturing the charm of wild koalas at Mikkira Station, Eyre Peninsula. Guided by a seasoned photographer, witness the magic as morning light reveals koalas in their natural habitat. Learn to capture adorable antics and perfect shots in this unforgettable wildlife photography journey!

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