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The Australian outback occupies almost 70% of Australian territory, but is inhabited by only 3% of the population. Exploring the Australian outback is one of the best ways to understand our red earth. We provide 3 -8 day customised tours, which include the Flinders Ranges, Arkaroola, Lake Eyre, Coober Pedy and other inland towns and cultural locations. 

Flinders Ranges

3 Day Outback Tour

  • 2 nights accommodation

  • Wedge-tail eagle, emu, kangaroo photography opportunity.

  • 4 wheel drive on private property.

  • Wilpena Pound sunset viewing

  • Kangaroo steak/outback beef steak

  • ​Wildlife and Star Photography small group tutorial.

  • Optional star photography​

  • Optional sunrise photography

  • Optional unset scenic flight.

Depart from Port Lincoln or Adelaide

Yellow Foot Rock Wallaby
Yellow Foot Rock Wallaby
Outback Milky Way


Arkaroola is located 3 hours North of the Flinders Ranges. To get there we must travel on unsealed roads from the Flinders Ranges National Park. The remoteness and long journey only adds to the mystery and beauty of Arkaroola. As Arkaroola is located in the centre of the South Australian outback, it is home to an abundance of unique Flora and Fauna.  Specifically, Arkaroola offers the best opportunity to see the rare yellow-footed rock-wallabies.

Our 1-2 day Arkaroola tour is an extension of the 3 day Flinders Ranges tour. Due to the scorching hot summer weather, we only operate our Arkaroola tours in the Spring, Autumn and Winter.

Underground Opal Town Tour

Coober Pedy is a rare underground town. Due to the scorching hot summer, churches, restaurants, hotels, shops and even swimming pools are underground. This place is not only famous for the hot summers, but also the rare and beautiful opal mines. Due to the exceptional geological conditions, it also produces fossilised opal. Coober Pedy is a must-go place for people interested in paleontology. Here you can visit the operational opal mines and even try to uncover your own opal! 

This 1-2 day tour is an extension of our 3 day Flinders Ranges Tour.

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