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Private Island
Photography Tour

Explore the hidden gem just next door to Port Lincoln - Boston Island, a birdwatching paradise that over 150 bird species called home, a true reservation area where wallabies, penguins and eagles live, a place where a group of amazing people and enjoy the peacefulness with no one else around. 

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Tailored Tour Package Include:

  • Return private air charter

  • 2 x half-day birdwatching tour with wildlife photographer and island owner

  • Exclusive private island access

  • Guest House accommodation

  • All tour meals

A Birdwatching Paradise - Boston Island

960-hectare area without disruption of people, foxes, cats and other predators, Boston island is a true paradise for birdwatching. There are over 70 species of birds can be found over the year. Tour South offers multi-day tours to Boston Island for birdwatchers who want to see and photograph these amazing creatures.

An Exclusive Private Island Experience

Boston Island is a privately owned island in Boston Bay, South Australia. As an authentic private island experience, Tour South will have exclusive access while our visitors are on the island, so we can enjoy the fantastic nature by ourselves. The only people on the island will be our visitors, the island owner and our tour guide.

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A Comfortable Island Stay

​A comfy guest house can accommodate 10 visitors with the hot water system, cooking facilities and a brilliant ocean view. Island life are not easy, Boston Island guest house runs by rainwater tanks, solar and battery systems, so travel with us and we can show you how to be an islander.

A unique view from above - Scenic Flight 

We are using a private air charter to send visitors to Boston island, a nice and easy 10-minute scenic flight will showcase unique of the island, the shape, the water and the land. There are kingfish farms, tuna and mussel farms around Boston Island we can see from the plane.

Boston Island Secnic Flight Tour South.jpg

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