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Head of Bight Whale Watching Tour

The Head of the Great Australian Bight is one of the best whale-watching sites for Southern Right Whales as every winter, thousands of southern right whales migrate from Antarctica to South Australia to breed. Whale watching from the Head of the Bight is one of the most environmental ways to view the whale’s natural behavior, in their native habitat. This is because the lookout is atop a sheer cliff, high above the sea.

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Lake Macdonnell

Lake Macdonnell is famous for its half pink half green water. These unique waters are why the Lake is also known as Watermelon Avenue. Our Western Whale Watching Tour will pass Lake Macdonnell twice, giving you plenty of time to do some land and aerial photography.

Talia Cave

Talia Cave is another geological landmark you will witness on our Western Whale Watching Tour. This attraction, which located on the Western Eyre Peninsula, provides a great opportunity to witness some stunning landscapes and an abundance of sea birds. For sunset, you can always see thousands of birds returning home to their nests.