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The Ocean Inn - Waterfront accommodation Near Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln The Ocean Inn outside
Port Lincoln The Ocean Inn yard

Welcome to Ocean Inn, a cozy 4-bedroom waterfront holiday house near Port Lincoln, South Australia, perfect for families and friends. With room for up to 9 visitors, this charming retreat offers a laid-back coastal vibe and breathtaking ocean views. Unwind in a space designed for seaside fun and relaxation. Your family-friendly getaway awaits at Ocean Inn—where the waves are your playground, and the memories are endless.

The Ocean and the Town

The connection between Port Lincoln and Ocean Inn is a tale woven with the threads of coastal charm and natural beauty. Just like two old friends, they share a unique bond shaped by the rhythmic waves and the serene landscape that defines this South Australian gem.


Port Lincoln's inviting atmosphere and the Ocean Inn's cozy embrace come together, creating a seamless blend of community warmth and seaside allure. It's a relationship that speaks of shared sunsets, laughter echoing in the sea breeze, and the promise of unforgettable moments in a place where the town and the ocean dance harmoniously. Experience the harmony where Port Lincoln and Ocean Inn meet, inviting you to create lasting memories in a coastal haven like no other.

About The Ocean Inn

🌙 Sleeps: 9

🏡 Bedrooms: 4

🛁 Bathrooms: 2.5

🌳 Front Yard: 1

🌿 Fenced Backyard: 1

🚗 Parking: Street Parking

📶 Wifi: Free Wifi Included

🛫 To Port Lincoln Airport: 5 mins drive 🏰 To Port Lincoln City Center: 8 mins drive

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