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Tag-along Tour

Tackle the wild and stunning 4wd tracks, explore the wilderness in regional South Australia and enjoy the private moment while touring. We offer special tag-along tours to match their requests for visitors who want to enjoy a guided epic road trip in their own vehicle.  

Vehicle Preparation

Depending on the specific destinations or tracks customers want to explore, we have different requirements for the tag-along vehicle. For standard 4wd tracks in Lincoln and Coffin Bay Nation Park, AT Tyre, High Clearance 4WD vehicles are necessary. 


Our Vehicle

There are certain gear to make sure our customers could enjoy the tag-along trip, the actual gear we bring on the day will depend on the trip. Generally our equipment includes: (1) A well-modified off-road vehicle equipped with 2-inch lift, off-road light, winch, recovery point, snatch strap etc. (2) Recovery Gears include recovery track, exhaust jack. (3) Communication Equipment includes satellite communicator, CB Radio, Handhold Radio. (4) First-aid pack and AED. 



For a half-day or full-day trip depart from Port Lincoln or Coffin Bay, Sleaford to Wanna track in Lincoln National Park, 7 Miles Beach Track and Gunyah Beach Track in Coffin Bay National Park are popular options. Multi-day tag-along trips are also available on request.


Contact Us


Tel: +61 413811442

      +86 18513636889

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