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Wildlife Stargazing Photography Tour

Enjoy the epic journey with us, observe wildlife with binoculars and night vision monoculars, watch the vast sky and countless stars at one of the darkest sites in the world, learn astronomy and stargazing with our professional guide and take the most stunning star photos the pretties background.


Searching and Observing Widlife

Our departure time is prime time for wildlife photography; we will use binoculars and night vision devices to observe wildlife in their own habitat.


Professional Computerised Telescope

Observe Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and deep space objects such as galaxies and nebula through our professional high power computerlised telescope and binoculars.


Star Photography

Capture the star/object of the day, you can bring your camera with us and our professional photographer will share his tips and star photography set-up with everyone.

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Learn about astronomy in field

A laser-guided star presentation will be held by our professional guide, point out the objects and share the story behind them.


Comfortable Tour Vehicle

We will travel around remote and one of the darkest areas on the planet earth, but with full of wildlife, a comfortable and well-equipped minibus will make sure we back home safely.


Being Creative

Night photography is not just for stars, bing creative and use the most amazing background you can have!

The Darkest sky

The place we go (Coffin Bay National Park) is classified as Bortle Class 1 - Excellent dark sky site, which will give us the best opportunity to see the M33 Galaxy, Scorpius and Sagittarius region of the Milky Way and many more.

Wildlife encounter

Coffin Bay National Park is well known for wildlife, especially western grey kangaroo and emu. With our night vision devices and the right timing, we will have good opportunities to have some wildlife encounters.


Travel with professional photographer, learn and enjoy star photography, take the precious memory and amazing star photo back home. We offer one free photo for each customers, photopackage available to purchase as well.


Learn about the story behind stars, galaxies and even a bit astrophysics. Practice with nacked eye, binocular and telescope, you can carrier these knowledege for your next adventure.

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Tour Details

Price: $149 per person

Numbers: Minimum 2 people, maximum 11 people. (Bigger groups can be arranged on request)

Duration: 3 Hours

Tour includes tea, coffee, snacks, use of the telescope, night vision monoculars and binoculars.

Date: the tour date in the booking system is for reference, other dates available as well, please get in touch with us for more details.


1. Depending on different dates, times, seasons and weather conditions, the objects you may observe will differ. 

2. This tour is weather-dependent; it can be cancelled with short notice, and customers will have a full refund.


This nature-based tourism experience was assisted by a grant from the Department for Environment and Water. We really appreciate the support from DEW, so we can showcase these amazing sky and stars to our visitors.

Contact Us


Tel: +61 413811442

      +86 18513636889

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