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4wd Off-road Tracks Around Port Lincoln

About Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln, 650km away from Adelaide, South Australia, is a well-known seafood capital in Australia. Meanwhile, it is also a 4wd off-road paradise for off-road enthusiasts.

Around Port Lincoln, we have several 4wd tracks. Most of the challenging tracks are located in Lincoln and Coffin Bay National Parks. Some of them are well-known in 4wd groups such as Sleaford to Wanna track, memory cove track and Yangie Bay – Sensation Beach track. Most of the tracks are maintained regularly by park rangers and the local 4wd club, and major terrains are sand dunes, soft beaches and limestone coast rock, with tracks difficulty from easy to medium.

Gears you need for 4wd around Port Lincoln

AT Tyre

All-terrain tyres are highly recommended for 4wd in this region, as most tracks include soft sand and tire pressure usually drops to 15 psi or less. Meanwhile, the limestone terrain often has small or big sharp rocks and most of the tracks in the bush are narrow, so a solid AT tyre is necessary.

Air Compressor and Tyre Deflator

For most of the tracks, we need to let the tyre down, 15-20 psi for sand and 20-25 psi for limestone coast, and those tracks all connect to Port Lincoln by 100km/h or 110km/h road, so both Air Compressor and Tyre Deflator are necessary.

Recovery Gear

Sandy Tracks like Sleaford to Wanna, Gunyah Beach and Yangie Bay to Sensation Beach have a reputation for soft sand, every season we have quite a lot of vehicles get bogged, of course get bogged and recover the vehicle is inevitable and also the fun of off-road, but the right recovery gear are the tool for us to enjoy the journey and safely back home.

Personally, recovery tracks are the only necessary gear to start with, one pair will solve most of the issues but two pairs will save lots of time and energy, so if you have room, bring two pairs will be ideal.

Recovery points and snape tripe are when you need a tow or help your mate or someone else. It is not necessary but will definitely help in some situations. Sometimes you just need a quick tow to give you a bit extra power to get out, these gears will be handy.

A winch is something good to have if you travel solo, if no one is around, no reception and too far to walk back to the main road, winch yourself by burying a spare tyre, recovery track or a tree is always the way to go. But it is not something necessary, it is just one extra safety feature.

Water, food and cloth

Yes, even most of the 4wd tracks are within an 80km range to Port Lincoln town centre, but people can get bogged and couldn’t get back on the same day, and it happens. So make sure you pack enough water, food and warm cloth (even in summer).

4WD in National Parks

All the 4wd tracks in Lincoln and Coffin Bay National Parks are narrow tracks, most of them are combined of soft sand and sharp limestone rocks also no receptions. Tour South offers tag-along trips to all these tracks so you can explore and enjoy 4wd with local experts.

Sleaford to Wanna 4wd Track: 14 km long, medium difficulty, need to be careful as wind push dunes a lot. Combination of soft sand, dunes, and sharp limestone rock track.

Memory Cove 4wd Track: The Wanna access gate in Lincoln National Park is 19 km from Memory Cove. 4WD vehicles are required as the road is unsuitable for conventional vehicles at certain times of the year (caravans are not permitted) - from the Park SA website.

Gunyah Beach 4wd Track: 4km track to Gunyah Beach, to sand dunes is easy, but the beach is very soft so it is difficult to drive. Make sure have plenty of recovery gear and we suggest having at least 2 vehicles to travel together.

On Gunyah Beach, you cannot drive further than 3km on either side of where the track joins the beach. Beyond this, are important seabird refuges and breeding areas. Watch out for seabirds when beach driving - from

Yangie Bay to Sensation Beach Track: 35 km long, easy to medium to drive, but summertime can be very soft and easy to get bogged. Really narrow track, recommend travel with sand flags.

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